Fire and Water Festival 2023 (Nysa, Poland)

Fire and Water Festival 2023 (Nysa, Poland)

Nysa lake, Poland

Spectacular night show to celebrate Nysa's 800th anniversary.

The 12th edition of the Fire and Water Festival will take place on August 26, 2023 at the Akwa Marina Recreation Center in Skorochow, Nysa Municipality. On that day, in a climactic moment on the surface of Lake Nysa, the two elements Fire and Water joined forces to make the whole event shine. Thousands of fireworks flashed in the sky, surrounded by lasers. The show took the audience through six images to depict the history of Nysa City.

In this production, our two players Artur and Erik appeared 8 times. the first six exits were enhanced with a different pyrotechnic effect. Each performance lasted no more than a minute.

The first image in both the musical and choreographic versions refers to the origins of the Slavic settlements with particular emphasis on the story of the welcome of the Nisa. in this image, boats with fire dancers will appear, which will sail to the shore to start a great show. Torches and flares will complete the picture.

Another element will be a pyrotechnic and laser show lasting several minutes. In this way we will move from one era to another.The main element of the whole show will be the emission of a film on a screen placed on the surface of Lake Nysa and a telebim, which will be located above the concert stage, which will present the most important historical events of our city in a nutshell.

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