Fire and Water Festival

Nysa, Poland

On August 26, 2023, the XII edition of the Fire and Water Festival took place in Nysa. On that day, at the culmination moment, the elements of Fire and Water joined forces on the surface of Lake Nyskie to illuminate the entire event. Thousands of fireworks lit up the sky, accompanied by laser visualization, and our demonstration team, consisting of Artur Zakrzewski and Eryk Duesterhoft under the command of Kajetan Sikorski, performed six times during the event. Throughout the show, we presented four pyrotechnic effects launched from flyboards, backpacks on the backs, and in the hands of Artur and Eryk.

The spectacle took the audience through six scenes, depicting the history of the city of Nysa.

The first scene, both musically and choreographically, referred to the beginnings of the Slavic settlements with a particular focus on the history of the formation of Nysa. Boats with fire dancers appeared, complemented by torches and flares.

The next element was a several-minute pyrotechnic-laser show.

An important part of the entire spectacle was the screening of a film depicting the most significant historical events of the city of Nysa.

The history of Nysa spans over 800 years of extraordinary events – bloody intrigues, trials, battles, shocking falls, and rises of the city. “Nysa – a short history” is a film about how a certain wooden settlement became an influential Silesian Rome. A city that played a significant role in the fate of Poland and the whole of Europe.

Fire dancers were also present, demonstrating both the creative and destructive power of Fire and Water in their performance. These two elements have been engaged in a struggle since the dawn of time while simultaneously being essential components of the creative transformations of our environment.

The next segment was based on lasers and medium-scale pyrotechnics. On stage platforms placed on the lake shore, there was a show involving dancers in LED costumes. The scenario of this scene will refer to modernity, the contemporary development of the city, and will be a reference to the achievements of Nysa.

The final scene was a massive pyrotechnic spectacle across the entire width of the stage, utilizing the full spectrum of pyrotechnics. Starting from the lowest to the largest pyrotechnic bombs with the most sophisticated effects.

The pyrotechnic show lasted for 55 minutes.

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