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Copa del Rey 2022

Copa del Rey 2022 (Spain) Alicante (Spain) First Spanish Copa del Rey!!! The first trip of the Polish National Team to the freestyle flyboarding competition in Spain. We sent two players in the PRO category to Cartagena, the hydro-jet capital of Spain. After a very even competition, Artur Zakrzewski won in a beautiful style, and […]

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FLYCUP GDYNIA 2016 Gdynia, Poland Probably the most competitive Flycup tie The third round of the FLYCUP 2016 eliminations at the City Beach in Gdynia. In cooperation with the Gdynia Sports Centre, we have prepared a lot of attractions for tourists resting on one of the most visited beaches in Poland. Twelve daredevils joined the

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FLYCUP 2/4 Oława 2015

FLYCUP 2/4 Oława 2015/17 ul. Szeroka 67/68, Gdansk, Poland Oława: Host of the second round of the Flycup 2015 and 2017 The second elimination round of the FLYCUP Freestyle Flyboarding Competition Cycle took place on the Oder River in Oława. The cup was held as part of the “Piana Bosmana” festival. The annual event attracts

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FLYCUP ¼ Dąbrowa Górnicza 2016

FLYCUP ¼ Dąbrowa Górnicza 2015/16 Zbiornik Pogoria III, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland Dąbrowa Górnicza: host of the 2015 and 2016 flycup quarterfinals Historically, the third edition of the FLYCUP Freestyle Flyboarding Competition Cycle was held on the Pogoria III reservoir in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The championships were held as part of the “Dębowy Maj” festival. Eight Poles

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Columbus Wind Festival Ustka 2018

Columbus Wind Festival Ustka 2018 bulwar Portowy, Ustka, Polonia The greatest Polish night flyboard show This is a nationwide motoparagliding event. In cooperation with the Falco Group from Toruń, we co-created the show 4 Elements. Our Riders Eryk Duesterhoft and Michał Burdecki performed in 2 acts of this show, performing sky-high acrobatics in LED costumes

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Fly Camp 2017 (Malta)

Fly Camp 2017 (Malta) Malta on the island of Malta. We organize trips abroad for lovers of water sports and sailing. Several times our groups went on weekend instructor training courses and also for advanced flyboarders to Malta. There, under the supervision of an international training team led by a certified instructor Simon Desira,

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Challenge Poznan 2017 (Poland)

Challenge Poznan Triathlon 2017 (Poland) Lake Malta, 60-101 Poznań Partners of the Challenge Poznan Triathlon The most prestigious triathlon event in Poland has been held annually in Poznań on the Malta regatta track for years. Our crew couldn’t miss it. Both among participants and showmen. The start of the competition was preceded by a spectacular

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